August 2015 Crestone: Dissolving Outer, Inner and Innermost Obstacles

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Tsoknyi Rinpoche held the first summer Crestone August retreat of 2015 on 8/11-17/2015 on the Yeshe Rangsal retreat land. The retreat was called “Dissolving Outer, Inner and Innermost Obstacles: Coming Home” wherein he delivered six days of compact, critical and foundational teachings creating a solid platform of Buddhism for all retreatants.  Over 150 people attended, with approximately 13 people taking refuge that week and 4 people the next week.  Tsangsar Rinpoche was at his side and Tenzin Namsel recapped the teachings daily. Managers Tim and Wendy Stokes once again provided stellar support for everyone, and we thank you again for your service. Carolyn Victoria donated fine artwork towards raising funds for the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns, and the hardworking TNN staff presented the current status and future plans for the project along with a new Tsoknyi Nuns video featuring the 1000 Prayer Wheels donation proposal.

And thank you, Alan Rabold, for your photographs memorializing this unforgettable week of teachings with Rinpoche.

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