Mt. Madonna, California 4/18-24/09 Original Freedom

In a very spacious and lovely retreat center overlooking Monterey Bay near Watsonville, California, Rinpoche taught in part from a beautiful letter called A Letter in Praise of Emptiness, which his teacher Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche wrote to his mother on the nature of emptiness.


Mt. Madonna Retreatants

The profound Dzogchen teachings help us to directly discover our primordially pure nature, allowing our confused concepts and emotions to be naturally liberated.


Seventy students attended the retreat, and six took refuge. Blessings, the new feature-length DVD about the Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns was shown, and all viewers responded warmly and with enthusiastic interest.



An excert from A Letter in Praise of Emptiness: “When the empty looks at the empty / Who is there to look at something empty? / As it is illusion looking at illusion / And delusion watching delusion, / What is the use of many classifications / Such as empty and not empty?”


Rinpoche worked every day with Eric Swanson on his new book on Bodhicitta. Eric helped Mingyur Rinpoche with his last two very successful books.


Rinpoche had the good fortune to meet and have lunch with Qi Gong Master Ming Tong Gu and his wife Ling Ling, and their new baby.