Tsoknyi Rinpoche on the Lesson of a Leaf

“As we work with the various meditation practices,” writes Tsoknyi Rinpoche for The Huffington Post, “a genuine transformation begins to occur. Our attachment to a self as a solid entity begins to soften and melt, and we begin to reconnect with the openness and warmth of our essential nature.

Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in the resulting sense of well-being and forget the most important of the Buddha’s teachings: that until all of us are free, none of us are free.

We rest in our own comfort zones, our contentment dimming our awareness of the pain and hardship that others around us may be feeling. We get caught up in a stage of practice that I’ve learned to describe as ‘cozy realization,’ where we think, ‘Yeah, I’ve done a really good job. I’ve made a lot of progress. My life is so good. I’m so happy.’

Yet lurking just beneath that self-congratulatory satisfaction is a nagging discontent, a feeling that the path we’ve undertaken offers something much grander and more fulfilling than coziness. Sometimes – if we’re lucky – that discontent become very uncomfortable.”

To read Rinpoche’s full essay, visit The Huffington Post.

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