Changing Hands Bookstore: Tempe, AZ 7/2/12

On a very hot 102 degree day in Tempe, Rinpoche gave a large evening audience – around 125 people – an inspiring and lively talk on his book, Open Heart, Open Mind. The audience enjoyed Rinpoche’s humor and stories very much (a lot of laughter and delight) and his sage advice on how to separate out and understand our feelings from our thinking and our ego in order to uncover the obscurations to our deepest nature or essence love.

This was the last stop on the almost 3-month long book tour across the U.S. sponsored by Crown Books with approximately 4,000 books sold to date, 30 book talks across the country, and contact with over 3,500 people in the various audiences, numerous book interviews, podcasts, articles in the Huffington Post and other journals and very little time to rest! Rinpoche returns to Nepal today via Delhi (7/4) to see his family after 4 months on the road and oversee new construction at his monastery for the Tsoknyi Lineage Nepal Nuns at Chobar (near Kathmandhu).