Nangchen Nuns Endowment Distribution

After eight years of fundraising and careful investing of the endowment funds, Pundarika Foundation is now very happy to announce that we are beginning distribution of the funds’ yearly earnings to directly benefit the Nangchen Nuns in early 2013. The earnings (approximately $50,000/year)  will be allocated annually based on the coordinated effort of Tsoknyi Rinpoche and his senior nuns and target those projects that are most urgently needed in the 26 nunneries in Nangchen in the Kham region of Eastern Tibet.  Even though these distributions will begin in early 2013, they barely touch the real need of these noble practitioners who set a shining example for us all. These funds will provide for basics needed such as medicine, food, putting in wells for a reliable water source, emergency transportation and repair of existing structures.  For those of you who have generously chosen to help the nuns and feel a strong connection, your continuing contributions are very much needed and welcome to support these extraordinary practitioners.

Rinpoche also has a new project for young nuns at Chobar, outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, as well. Excellent information describing the 80 plus young nuns is available at:  through the International Friends of the Tsoknyi Lineage Nepal Nuns.