Nangchen Nuns Endowment Fund Makes First Distribution to Nuns


After nine years of fund-raising and careful investing in the rather wild financial markets, the first distribution of $60,000 was wired to Tibet this May 2013. These funds are combined with a one-time donation of approximately $130,000 from Pundarika DaCH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) to provide financial help in the construction of a gompa (shrine hall) for the nuns at Gebchak monastery this year.

The Bridge Foundation, a worldwide NGO with offices and staff in Tibet, will distribute and oversee the use of these funds as well as provide financial reporting.

The longer-term plan is to distribute, from the US, the yearly earnings from the endowment fund for specific projects and needs that Rinpoche, in consultation with his senior nuns, will decide upon annually. These funds will provide essential food, medicine and shelter, bringing the nuns up to the poverty level of Tibet so they can practice under Rinpoche’s direction. This continues a practice tradition that was initiated in the mid-19th century with Tsoknyi Rinpoche I’s radical idea  to teach women the most profound and transformative dharma. Renowned as powerful and vital practitioners, this “experiment” boldly initiated by Tsoknyi Rinpoche I and continued by his second incarnation is now coming to a new fruition with the most promising nuns being trained to teach in the West in the future. This bridge—dharma  from the remote monasteries of Eastern Tibet coming to the West in a feminine form—is a remarkable event of seeds planted by Tsoknyi Rinpoche I over 160 years ago.

We will provide periodic updates on the endowment fund as it manifests for the Nangchen Nuns in the coming months and years. Our deep appreciation to all of you who have helped this come to be.