Dorje Yudronma Update


There has been a lot of activity recently around the Dorje Yudronma shrine located on the Yeshe Rangsal retreat land in Crestone, CO!  In preparation for her consecration in mid- to late spring, Rinpoche blessed materials for use in the ceremony.  Local sangha members met on the land a few weeks ago under Tenzin Namsel and Gary Simonson’s  direction and gathered fresh juniper for the preparation of incense.  Vajra Vidya Retreat Center’s Khenpos assisted students in several mantra rolling sessions.  As soon as all the components have come together for the consecration of the rupa, Pundarika will be respectfully inviting Tulku Sangnag of Santa Fe to come to Crestone and oversee the consecration of this beautiful and blessed shrine. More information about the spring consecration will be posted as it unfolds, so please keep checking back!

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