Rinpoche in Israel!

Open Heart, Open Mind: A Dzogchen Approach

Haifa, Israel (11/8-13/2013)


Rinpoche’s visit to Israel was greatly meaningful to his students here. His two public talks in the Tel Aviv and Haifa Cinematheques were well attended. The six-day meditation retreat was at full capacity with over 100 participants. Many people came from abroad especially for the teaching from Norway, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, and France. The atmosphere was delightful, a mixture of Rinpoche’s humor and warmth with the participants’ devotion and determination to keep silent. As usual, his teaching was most profound, and in the parts which we can publicly share, there was wonderful advice about (among other things) child care, parenting, and education. We are truly looking forward to his next visit.  ~ Melinda Friedman

Thank you Vladimir Zavodchikov for the wonderful photos!