Losar Tashi Delek! Year of the Wooden Horse

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Dear Friends and Students,

I’m now in a very sacred place, the center of all the Buddhas. Buddhism came out of Bodhgaya; many past Buddhas became enlightened here, and many future Buddhas will become enlightened here. Right now, I am receiving teachings from Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche on the Guhyagarbha tantra, one of the highest tantras. So within this ground of a special place and a special time of receiving teachings, I would like to give my Losar (New Years) greeting to all my students and friends.

During this auspicious time of the Tibetan New Year, I will remember all of you and keep you in my prayers, here at the spot of Buddha’s enlightenment. I will pray for all of you to purify all obstacles and obscurations on your spiritual path, and to accomplish the level of Buddhahood.

I hope all of you will use your time wisely and meaningfully, because time is very precious and time is passing. Please remember impermanence, in a positive way. We are still alive; we can celebrate this New Year. We have a fortunate life, and in this life we have to aim for positive thinking and action. We can discover the real meaning of life—to find our innate nature of mind, which is the mind of all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas. Our innate mind is not different from the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, but we are covered by obscurations. These obscurations, however, are temporary. We are deluded within them, but this delusion is not our ultimate reality. We can become awakened. The Buddhas and bodhisattvas are awakened from this temporary, seeming obscuration. So please focus on that. I will pray for that. May this coming year be a meaningful year for you.

I’m ready to start this year’s travel to different places around the world, so we will soon meet each other in person. Also, the nuns at Tsoknyi Gechak and Tsoknyi Gargon nunneries will remember all of you. Right after New Year’s, we will have a drupchen—nine days of prayers and chanting. During this time we will make prayers for all of you.

Losar Tashi Delek!  (Happy New Year!)

With love,

Tsoknyi Rinpoche