Dorje Yudronma Consecration Preview

Here is a preview of Tulku Sangnag Rinpoche consecrating Dorje Yudronma this past Saturday (3/22/14). We will be posting many more photos and a commentary on the events of this milestone day at Yeshe Rangsal in the near future.

TSNR -- Smiling

Tulku Sangnag beaming inside the shrine.

TSNR -- Khenpo TSNR and Namsel

Namsel, Khenpo Lobsang and Tulku Sangnag smiling.

TSNR -- Pouring on Mirror

Pouring on mirror during ceremony.

TSNR -- Offering

Celebrating with incense in the air and offering rice.

TSNR -- And Khenpo Clapping

Joyful celebration and applause at the completion of the consecration.

TSNR -- Khenpo Lobsang and Namsel -- DS

Namsel looks on as Khenpo Lobsang enthusiastically translates Tulku Sangnag’s teachings on holy sites, sacred objects, as well as Dorje Yudronma.

TSNR -- Dorje Yudronma

Dorje Yudronma at the end of the consecration ceremony!

(Thank you, Konchog Norbu for these lovely photographs.)