Letting It Be: Resting in Radical Simplicity (August 2014/Crestone, CO)

Having cleverly deleted the retreat summary notes for Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s first Crestone, CO retreat this year (Letting It Be: Resting in Radical Simplicity) August 8-14, 2014, we thought a series of photo albums might be even better in telling the story of our week together at the Yeshe Rangsal retreat land.  We had approximately 150 retreatants in attendance and eight people took refuge.

Here are the four retreat photo albums–many other people were helping behind the scenes, and we apologize in advance for unintentional omissions, but we could only capture just so many. Please click on the images individually if you like, as some of these smaller thumbnails don’t show the whole picture.

1. Cast of “characters” in the background

2.  Inside and outside the teaching tent

3.  Retreatants on breaks between teachings and meditation

4.  End of retreat ceremonies