Yushu Earthquake

Rinpoche regrettfully reports that one of the Tsoknyi Lineage Nuns in Yushu died in the recent earthquake, and 14 members of the Nuns’ families were seriously affected by the earthquake, resulting in death, injury, and homelessness. To learn more about the earthquake and how to help, please visit www.tibetanvillageproject.org

The Tsoknyi Lineage Nuns of Gebchak Gonpa welcome Rinpoche to Tsechu Gonpa

“While I was in Tsechu Gonpa for the announcment of the Adeu Rinpoche Yangsi, a group of 16 senior Tsoknyi nuns from Gebchak Gonpa in Nangchen came to see me (Tsoknyi Rinpoche III) to ask for my help. Their gonpa’s main shrine hall is falling down and needs to be entirely rebuilt. Sangyang Gyatso, the first Tsoknyi Rinpoche student and founder of Gebchak Gonpa, along with Wangdrak Rinpoche, are directly responsible for Gebchak. For for my part, I contributed an initial $100,000 on the spot. The next day, I met with Wangdrak Rinpoche, and we agreed that he would take over the fundraising for the rest, because I have many nunneries that I am responsible for, many of which also need major repairs and maintenance.”

~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche III

The Tsoknyi Lineage Nuns of Gebchak Gonpa

Nepal ~

The Renaming of Nunneries in Nepal

This past spring while Rinpoche was visiting his nuns in Nepal, he renamed the following nunneries: Chumig Gyatsa in Muktinath will now be called Tsoknyi Gargon Ling, and its branch in Swayambunath is called Tsoknyi Thongdrol Ling. The nunnery in Parphing will now be called Tsoknyi Gebchak Chobar Ling. (Please give us some time to update the website!) We hope to have translations of the new names for you soon.


Just to share and rejoice together, Rinpoche reported in May that 25 of his nuns at Chobar have started their training to become teachers of his lineage. And, work on the water pump station began–they had to dig up to 200 meters, and it appears that the pump is going to function! He also advises that all endeavors at Tsoknyi Gargon Ling (formerly Chumig Gyatsa) seem to be going quite well.