From Mount Madonna 2015: Rinpoche on Essence Love


This open retreat at Mount Madonna (near Watsonville, CA) included teachings on the healthy human being leading up to Dzogchen practice. Rinpoche noted that handshake practice is quite advanced and necessary for most of us to allow essence love to develop naturally. Essence love, as the home of the subtle body, then makes shamata and vipassana practices embodied and more powerful. He also discussed the key distinctions between Vajrayana and Dzogchen practice later in the retreat and his views on the cultural fit in the west with Dzogchen. He ended with a long guided meditation on dropping, handshake, essence love and the nature of mind.

Adam Kane translated this retreat with both love for his teacher and laser sharp clarity, and Tenzin Namsel provided very helpful and well-organized summaries each day.

Our Retreat Managers, Alan Morgenstern and Ariella Ben-David, helped create a good retreat container spiced with their light and playful senses of humor.

Here is a video clip taken at the retreat where Rinpoche speaks of essence love with great humor. We hope to post more photographs of the retreat soon.  Enjoy!