Working With Emotions


Facing the day to day challenges we may encounter while attempting to integrate dharma into our lives:  this Living Wisely section includes themes and teachings on how to work with emotional issues and critical life events, as well as basic practice questions chosen from various retreats.


We have just added “Mingyur Rinpoche’s Ghost Hermitage,” Tsoknyi Rinpoche on “Essence Love,”  a 2009 interview at Garrison, NY with David Rome on “Transforming the Root of Human Problems,” and “Emotional Well-Being“- an interview with Jonathan Rose at Garrison, NY in 2013. We will continue to provide you with additional video clips while adding to  the older ones below for reference and newcomers. You will not need to watch the clips in the order they were posted–just choose what appeals to you most. We hope you enjoy this new feature of the web site!


Emotional Well-Being (Garrison 2013)


Transforming the Root of Human Problems (Garrison 2009)


Essence Love (Mount Madonna 2015)


Mingyur Rinpoche’s Ghost Hermitage (a brief story by Tsoknyi Rinpoche when his brother first went on retreat)


Working with Panic


Trauma and PTSD


Inner Space


Human Values and Essence Love


Real, But Not True