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Mahakala Protector Mask – 12″


This is a high-quality wooden mask, carved in Nepal, and painted in vivid colors.
There is a string for wall hanging on the back.

The common function of Mahakala is as a protector deity in the highest Anuttarayoga Tantras. As the wrathful embodiment of the 3 roots, mahakala symbolizes the death of our kleshas/afflictions. Although wrathful, it is not considered ferocious or aggressive; mahakala is actually none other than the inseparability of compassion and loving kindness because it is the manifestation the awakened mind.


High quality Nepali mask with vivid colors
Includes wall-hanging string on tieback.

Mahakala is a protector in the buddhist tradition. It can be understood as the embodiment the 3 roots (lama, yidam, dakini). Although wrathful in appearance, mahakala is none other than the inseparability of compassion and loving-kindness because it is the manifestation of awakened mind. It is protecting us from our kleshas (afflictions) reminding us (either in a buddhist ritual or from our wall) to remember our practice and awareness.