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Nying-Je Reliquary Vessel



Whether a leaf from the Bodhi tree, a lock of a child’s hair, or a mala blessed by a revered teacher, your most sacred objects deserve the honor and protection of a beautiful container—that is the function of a Nying-je Vessel.

Nying-je Vessels are crafted entirely by hand from pure pewter, jeweler’s brass, and copper by award winning metal-smith, Bruce Paul Gaber.

Each vessel is cushioned with soft fabric and includes an internal glass jar for complete safekeeping of your sacred object. At the physical completion of a Nying-je Vessel it is spiritually purified by earth, air, fire, and water.

Nying-je Vessels will be created in limited editions to celebrate the Crestone Retreats of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Dimensions are 3 1/2” x 2 1/2” for a volume of approximately10 oz.

Five Nying-je Vessels in the 2014 “Lotus Series” are available for commission. Each is hand-stamped “Nying-je” in Tibetan (“Nobel Heart”, compassion, karuna), as well as numbered, dated and signed.

You may commission your Nying-je Vessel exclusively through the Pundarika Store. The price is $500. All proceeds from the sale of Nying-je Vessels go to support the work of Tsoknyi Rinpoche. To see a top-view of the vessel, please contact the Pundarika Store so we can email you an image.