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Small Naga Statue – 3.5″



This small naga statue is gold-plated with excellent details. It will grace any shrine or outdoor space. Nagas are associated with the water element. Honoring the naga spirits of the earth is especially important in our times, because our once-revered, life-sustaining, water resources are being squandered around the globe with trash, industrial waste, ocean pollutants, and climate change.

Nagas are human-snake hybrid spirits, common in Eastern cultures & religions. Individually strong, nagas often serve in a guard duty role, appointed by a divine entity. Ferocious in their role, they may be overprotective of secrets they guard; when outside of their guard duty, they are generally benevolent as long as they are not insulted. They are associated with water, so they often reside in or near rivers, lakes, oceans, but also in places with deep recesses such as caverns.

To please the water spirits, one can relate to them as if “real”, and make offerings (tsampa balls, flowers, incense) so they are not insulted or offended. Nagas (nature) can become huge obstacles (to sentient beings, to practice, and local harmony), if upset or ignored.