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The Mirror of Mindfulness



The Mirror of Mindfulness is a presentation of Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the four bardos – life, death, after-death, and rebirth. It is aimed at inspiring and helping the practitioner achieve liberation from deluded existence and awaken to complete enlightenment for the benefit of others.

This book’s main idea is that intrinsic to the heart, mind and spirit in every human being is an identical essence which can be realized. This realization makes any man or woman a Buddha. The timeless truth it conveys is as meaningful for a Westerner today as it was in India and Tibet.

The Mirror of Mindfulness is unique in its brevity without losing the depth of a true spiritual lineage the training in which can bring about enlightenment in a single lifetime. And, it is being used as a textbook during meditation retreats around the world.

“I consider that this explanation of the bardos would benefit everyone interested in the dharma. The words are clear and easy to understand, and lengthy scholarly expositions are not emphasized. This text [is] easy to comprehend and containing all the key points and very direct instructions” – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche