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TSAMPA 3 lb bag 1/2 White 1/2 Purple



Tsampa is traditional food for the Tibetan people. Here are some ways to enjoy tsampa:
– use to make buddhist torma* offerings, and in sang fire offering ceremonies
– eat as quick breakfast or snack. Add whatever you like: nuts, dried fruit, honey, syrup or cheese, savory herbs, soup
– easy & convenient for camping, hiking, traveling
– nutritious for babies, sick or elderly (mix into thin gruel)
– as a gift for your special Rinpoche!
– tsampa comes in purple or white (purple has slightly more robust, nuttier taste)

* Torma is a particular type of cake – made with tsampa & butter – used as offering in Vajrayana Buddhist practices. The making of torma is itself a sacred art form unique to Tibetan Buddhism. Offering torma is a virtuous act of generosity, simultaneously symbolizing the release of attachment to desirable objects as well as letting go of negative emotions. When the torma offering has been completed, the torma is then dispersed.

PURPLE MOUNTAIN TSAMPA is organically grown, whole, hull-less, barley, based in Crestone, Colorado. The barley is roasted over fire, then stone ground. Since it is already cooked, one simply mixes tsampa with hot tea, water, milk or soup. No cooking is necessary.