Housing for Retreats in Crestone

PLEASE NOTE:  Unfortunately because of Covid-19, Rinpoche has had to cancel the Crestone 2021 retreats. We will post updates as we have them. The housing list below was compiled for retreats in 2020 that were canceled. It is posted here for your information only. A new, updated housing list will be posted closer to the 2022 retreats. Thank you for your understanding and not making travel or housing reservations in advance of a final confirmation for 2022. ~ The Pundarika Staff

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The Yeshe Rangsal retreat land is located in Chalet 1, off Camino Baca Grande to the east, between Rendezvous and Hilltop.

Retreatants are responsible for securing their lodging.  Pundarika Foundation provides this list as a reference only. It does not endorse any of the lodging providers listed below.  It does not visit each lodging physically and does not perform background checks on potential lodging providers or landlords. Lodging already listed with Air B&B will not be duplicated on this list.

If you wish to explore sharing an accommodation with others coming to Crestone for retreat, place an Ad on the Housing Share and Rideshare Board.  Pundarika Foundation provides this link as a helpful reference only and does not endorse any of the potential housemates/roommates or housing itself. 

This list will be updated for 2022 retreats and currently reflects what would have been available for 2020





Offering accommodations for all situations. Retreats or vacations. “I have single to multi- family spaces such as yurts, rooms or houses available at anytime. Prices from $50 to $100 per night located in downtown Crestone or private retreat housing. Monthly and weekly discounts available. Call and let me know what your looking for @ 719.588.2114 or mailto:[email protected]



Solitary retreat center in the Tibetan Bonpo tradition. We have three individual occupancy cabins, renting for $560 per week and one double occupancy cabin at $665 per week. The cabins each have a full bath and full kitchen. Retreatants are expected to provide their own meals. Our Community House is open for multiple occupancy. There are four single beds in a dorm area and a private room with a double bed. Dorm beds are $25 per night and the private room with bath is $560 per week. There is a full kitchen available. Contact and application is at http://colorado.ligmincha.org/ or e-mail John at [email protected]


(719) 256-4692;  The Zen Center offers its monastic practice environment to support Pundarika retreatants in their silent practice. The Zendo can be used for meditation and the Dome for chanting and personal practice. We offer a variety of accommodation options, single and shared occupancy, ranging from $65 for camping to $190 in the Hillside Cabin. The Zen Center is well known for its delicious vegetarian and organic cuisine. All prices include three meals per day. Even if you don’t stay with us, it’s possible to join us just for the meals by purchasing a meal plan in advance.


Our contemplative retreat environment is ideal in supporting practitioners who come to Crestone to receive teachings. Our Traditional Buddhist Shrine Room is always open for meditation practice. Our prices range from $75 to $108 per night depending on private or shared bath and includes 3 vegetarian meals per day. Laundry facilities are available for $3.00 per load.  719-256-5539 [email protected]