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Virtuosos in the Art of Living

“Virtuoso” may not have been a common term in the language the Buddha spoke or in the languages in which his teachings passed down orally from teacher to student for several hundred years until they were finally written down. However, everything I’ve learned from my own studies, the teachings I’ve received, and my own experience … READ MORE

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Renunciation Shouldn’t Come from a Wounded Heart

Student:  Rinpoche, I think the point that you mentioned – renunciation not coming from a place of a wounded heart – could you just elaborate on that? Translator for Rinpoche:  When we are deeply wounded, the ego or strong sense of “I” is aroused and wants happiness and not to suffer so much. The problem … READ MORE

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A story about Togden Amtin

I would like to tell a story about Amtin, a remarkable yogi who lives in Tashi Jong, northern India. His spiritual tradition is the Drukpa Kagyu, but his practice is Nyingma, Dzogchen, like me. When he lived in Tibet, he practiced meditation a lot and became very peaceful. He stayed in solitary retreat for six … READ MORE