teaching-areas: Wisdom

Simply opening up

People often make a mistake in thinking that the training consists of an attempt to dissolve this knowing quality into emptiness. They try to make nothingness, rather than just leaving this consciousness, this knowing mind, to itself. All you actually need is to let this knowing and awake atmosphere be permeated with emptiness, like allowing …

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Recognition of empty essence

The recognition of empty essence—in other words, the insight that realizes egolessness, the absence of an independent entity—is the state of original wakefulness itself. Training in this state perfects the accumulation of wisdom. During whatever formal practice you undertake, do not leave behind this accumulation of wisdom beyond reference point; rather, embrace the particular practice …

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We all like peace

We all like peace; there is not even a single person who doesn’t like peace. But if we do not integrate it with the wisdom aspect, we will be unable to purify the defilements in our minds and completely remove the obscurations. Therefore, all we will achieve is a mere state of peace in which …

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The pursuit of ‘feeling better’

So what is it that prevents a person, a practitioner on the spiritual path, from proceeding? It is selfishness, the self-cherishing attitude. We have to be careful about this point. Many people do their practice. They’ve been practicing for years. They’ve done many retreats, and it’s quite likely that they have achieved a state of …

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