East-West Mind Difference

“So what I’m trying to say here is that in the West, the cognitive is quite well built up, but you really screw up subtle body. Sorry to say that. Really, really. I think after 18 or 19 years of teaching, I see it in my students – and sometimes in myself, also. And when I go to Asia, it is the reverse: the mind is really screwed up, the subtle body is quite healthy. That’s why they’re happy. But no cognitive planning. So the country is completely messed up. The more they’re messed up, they’re still happy. Because of happiness, there’s no urge to fix thinking. So here, I think in the West, you put a lot of fear in the subtle body and desperation in the thinking and think well in order to fix the problem. So I think you went too much on the other side. So you have a lot of residue in the subtle body. And then you think it’s you. All the leftover residue, you think, ‘it’s me.’ That’s when ego comes.”