Holding on

Experiences of bliss, clarity and non-thought do come. There is nothing wrong with that; just don’t hold onto them as being something special. Actually, it’s good to have experiences like that, probably some of you already had them, some not. Some of you probably are still staying in what is called ‘dry meditation,’ meaning there’s no juice in it. It’s just dried–up meditation. Slowly, with practice, this dry meditation becomes saturated, juicy, so that you feel blissful, clear, and thought-free. Such experiences are okay; they’re a sign of practicing. Just don’t get caught up in them! These different experiences are temporary stages or states on the path of meditation, just as along the road there may be a big field of beautiful flowers or a nice little café. The problem is not that you stopped to admire the flowers, but that you liked it so much you felt like staying there. Similarly, the real mistake here is to hold onto that temporary experience as the final result.

Carefree Dignity, p. 112