Generally speaking, perseverance is the remedy against laziness. When do we feel lazy? One situation is when we are supposed to be composed in meditation. There is an invitation to be lazy that we give in to, and then the state of composure, the meditation state, is lost or dissipated. As a matter of fact, laziness arises because of a habitual pattern. It arises as a pattern, gets accepted in the moment, and one then gets carried away by it. But resting very nicely in the state of unfabricated rigpa is itself the perfection of diligence, transcendent perseverance. Why? Because when the tendency to be lazy recurs, it is naturally freed. As laziness is self-freed, there is no need to apply the normal remedy against being lazy, which is conceptual diligence. If we deliberately try to be diligent, then rigpa becomes conceptual. Therefore, there is no need to be specifically diligent at that time. Remaining in the state of rigpa is itself the perfection of diligence.

Fearless Simplicity, p. 278