Sustain the view

Honestly, meditation is simply to sustain the view. It is nothing other than that. Artificially trying to extend the recognition spoils it. You need to know how to allow it to continue. This is why the Dzogchen instructions are incredibly special. The whole point of Dzogchen is to sustain the continuity.

Fearless Simplicity, p. 134

There is one point that is very difficult, the most difficult. Within the context of mind there is the particular point of the liberation of mind. You need to understand this well; if you do not understand it well, it will give you a lot of difficulty. To sit and meditate is not that difficult—to do shamatha meditation or to stay in meditation on emptiness is not hard—but to have liberation in the context of discursive thoughts arising—that is difficult. Your meditation must be capable of providing liberation while discursive thoughts are arising.

Ground, Path, Fruition, p. 64