Present mind is dwelling on the present moment

Do you understand what is meant by resting or dwelling? Like the flower lying atop this rupee note which is resting on the table. That is dualistic fixation. It’s like grasping hold of the money, dwelling on the money, and ignoring the direct experience of the table. The present awareness which experiences right now is resting on this moment. Present mind is dwelling on the present moment, but in a fixated sort of way. According to Dzogchen, that becomes an obstacle for meditation practice. From the viewpoint of another vehicle, it may not be an obstacle. There are many spiritual paths in this world and plenty of instructions that say, ‘Don’t worry, just be here now!’ This is basically okay, it can be very helpful—but in the end, you still are stuck with this ‘Be here now.’

Carefree Dignity, p. 115