Reconnect with Essence Love

Reconnect with Essence Love | Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Tsoknyi Rinpoche:   Yesterday we talked about essence love as part of the spark we have by birth. Because of too many conditions, you sort of dim or cover it, so our job is to reconnect that.

And once we reconnect that essence love and then we can feel well-being in emotions, going there with mental strength. So then we reconnect.

Once you reconnect you feel you have love – but you’re not giving love, not necessarily – but you experience well-being part of the subtle body or in the mind-stream that there’s no looking for some external thing to fill the gap-hollowness. So you’re more in the emotional center (I’m not talking about thinking).

In the emotional center you start to feel okay, Love. Love to whom? Loving this, just feels very warm, peaceful, and kind–in some sense emotionally open well-being.

So once you have that, then you understand the love. You experience the love. Then you can give love. And from there, you expand love to not only restricted persons, to expand to all sentient beings, that kind of love.