Virtuosos in the Art of Living

“Virtuoso” may not have been a common term in the language the Buddha spoke or in the languages in which his teachings passed down orally from teacher to student for several hundred years until they were finally written down.

However, everything I’ve learned from my own studies, the teachings I’ve received, and my own experience as a teacher, counselor, husband, and father suggests to me that what the Buddha discovered during the days and nights he spent meditating under a tree in Bodhgaya, India, was a method through which we can all become virtuosos in the art of living.

Each of us is gifted with the ability to recognize within ourselves an astonishing capacity for brilliance, kindness, generosity, and courage. We also have the potential to awaken everyone with whom we come in contact to the possibility of greatness.

We become virtuosos to the extent that we develop our potential to the point at which – even without our conscious intention – our actions and our words serve to awaken the “human artist” in everyone.

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