Retreat Facilities

retreat cabins

July 20, 2o17:  STUCCO!

July 5, 2017:   Progress on the cabin ~ mud, tape, sheetrock, plaster, sanding, priming and painting! Gary, John and James, the intrepid crew.

           Gary painting, and the view directly west from the front window.

           James demonstrates the principle of “one taste” ~ view to the Northwest

                                                            James detailing.

June 5, 2017:  The walls are up, the roof is on, the windows are in!


May 27, 2017:

Construction began earlier this month on Yeshe Rangsal’s first single retreat cabin. Gary Simonson and his determined crew (John Reeves and James Terburg) have been focused daily on making this vision a reality. Pundarika Foundation hopes to show the cabin at retreats this August in Crestone, but it is not known when the cabin would be available to potential retreatants.  We will continue to make progress posts keeping you up to date.

Students who wish to practice in an intensive and solitary retreat circumstance will eventually be able to use individual retreat cabins on the land. Approximately 9 more individual retreat cabins will be built in the future. They will be financially sponsored by students wishing to deepen their practice in a blessed retreat setting.

three-year retreat center vision

Many great masters reached realization through extended retreats. The three-year retreat center will house up to 15 students in men’s and women’s wings, a practice hall, kitchen and dining area and a retreat master’s quarters. The retreatants will be under the guidance of Tsoknyi Rinpoche and other selected teachers.  (watercolor vision ©2009 Jo Anne Kiser)