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Awakening at Dawn from the Sleep of Unknowing

Lotus Guru, hosts of dakas and dakinis, All are dancing, Voicing mantra tunes and songs in the symbolic language, Minds in the awakened state, the essence of the natural knowing, Turned towards me, With the sounds of bells and hand drums, They appear in awesome splendor, Right before me in the sky. Lord Guru, hosts of … READ MORE

2015 chant book of tsoknyi rinpoche

Here is the downloadable chant book currently in use by Tsoknyi Rinpoche in retreats: this is a 24-page PDF booklet suitable for printing or electronic viewing. Download links: Please right click (doubleclick) below to download the 2015 revision of the Tsoknyi Rinpoche Chant Book in PDF format. A single click will open this pdf in … READ MORE

jen laun chants

Chants offered by Jen Laun to Rinpoche and Pundarika:  “I chose to begin with these three prayers because they felt vital to our daily practice. Singing each one helps us to increase our devotion and open our hearts. These melodies all came through my daily practice and the longing to be able to sing all … READ MORE

tsoknyi rinpoche’s long-life supplications

Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Long-life Supplications performed by Jen Laun. Please click here to download all 3 Jen Laun chants (3 mp3 files totaling 23MB).

prayer to protectress dorje yudronma

Prayer to Protectress Dorje Yudronma, performed by Jen Laun: Click here to download all three Jen Laun chants (3 mp3 files totaling 23MB). In primordial purity and wisdom free from elaborations, Is the luminous awareness Dorje Yudronma, Accompanied by her retinue, the unceasing expression of awareness. We supplicate and make offerings. Accomplish our desires as … READ MORE

calling the lama from afar

A Small Song of Yearning: Calling the Lama from Afar, performed by Jen Laun. Click here to download all 3 Jen Laun chants (3 mp3 files totaling 23MB). A Small Song of Yearning: Calling the Lama from Afar Lama hear me! Lama hear! Lama hear me! Lama hear! Essence of the Buddhas in the threefold … READ MORE

lamp aspiration

This illuminating lamp of original pure awareness I offer to the mandala deities of Vidyadhara Padmakara. May all beings, my mothers, wherever awareness pervades, Attain the dharmakaya level of aware emptiness.  

meal prayer

The Supreme Teacher, the precious Buddha The Supreme Protection, the precious sacred Dharma The Supreme Guide, the precious Sangha To these three jewels, the refuges, I make this offering


(Tsoknyi Rinpoche requested that this poem be read aloud to participants at the Crestone September 2008 month-long retreat.) Thus having united the meaning of the diamond words of the past saints, I have written this as my own prayer. ~ Dudjom Rinpoche (Jigdral Yeshe Dorje) Sole unfailing and unchanging Refuge, Lord of the Mandala Most precious and … READ MORE