teaching-areas: Bodhicitta and Compassion

Nonconceptual, Genuine Compassion

“There is a clarity of mind, a natural awake quality, from which compassion can arise. It does not center on someone in particular whom we feel sorry for. During this moment there is not a conceptualizing of ‘another being,’ but still in this tenderness there is some way of directing one’s attention to other beings …

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Superficial and True Compassion

“During this [rigpa] training, you may feel more and more open from within. More and more vast. And within this openness, compassion just unfolds. There are two kinds of compassion: superficial or conceptualized, and true. The former is compassion made by thought, while true compassion, ultimate compassion, is simply the way our nature is.” Carefree …

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Different Kinds of Compassion

“There are different kinds of compassion mentioned in Buddhism, but the true compassion manifests only after we realize the nature of emptiness, after realizing egolessness. After fixation on the concept of self dissolves, the expression of that realization manifests as compassion. One could say that the ‘atmosphere’ of realizing emptiness is compassionate. The true compassion …

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Nurturing the Mind of Compassion

In truth, devotion, compassion and intelligence should come about naturally, but their natural arising is a bit difficult at the beginning. The Dzogchen texts mentions that on the ‘exterior,’ we should maintain a training in rigpa that is uncontrived, while on the ‘interior’ we sometimes start a session with a fabricated meditation. Whatever the case …

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Very open from deep within

Sometime go outside and sit, In the evening at sunset, When there’s a slight breeze that touches your body, And makes the leaves and the trees move gently. You’re not trying to do anything, really. You’re simply allowing yourself to be, Very open from deep within, Without holding onto anything whatsoever. Don’t bring something back …

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