Mission and Goals

You can awaken a sense of responsibility for all the other sentient beings who are exactly the way you used to be, tormented by negative emotions. You can begin helping them — first one, then two, then three and finally all sentient beings.

~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Our Mission:

Pundarika Foundation’s primary mission is to support the teaching activities and humanitarian work of Tsoknyi Rinpoche by:

  • Keeping alive the wisdom of the Dharma
  • Sustaining practitioners who preserve the teachings of the Buddha as a vital tradition
  • Helping people experience inner peace, to better face the challenges of modern life with compassion and sanity

2019 Pundarika Foundation goals:

  • To continue to create practice materials as directed by Rinpoche
  • Create a Tsa Tsa House by 2020 on the Yeshe Rangsal Land
  • Repair and repaint the Stupa of Enlightenment
  • Coordinate travel for Rinpoche internationally
  • Continue to provide educational and financial support to the Tsoknyi Lineage Nuns
  • Assist Tana Yelpa to establish itself in the U.S. as a non-profit organization
  • Roll out Fully Being to a larger audience after improvements in the Fall of 2019; translate into four languages
  • Create a Facebook “drip” of Fully Being video clips and other public teachings by May, 2019
  • Help support the printing of Drukpa Kagyu texts for monks and nuns
  • Organize four U.S. Pundarika retreats and other special events in 2019
  • Enhance the Membership Program with new teachings
  • Create a Bardo “package” for Rinpoche’s students by 2020
  • Make open and advanced retreats in Crestone available on YouTube
  • Help sponsor the translation of the Tsoknyi Lineage (first time in English)
  • Update look and feel of website; make available for mobile devices in 2019
  • Landscape land around cabins; mitigation in 2019/2020
  • Create an online “mini” Fully Being preparation course for Open Retreat students in 2019