Mission and Goals

You can awaken a sense of responsibility for all the other sentient beings who are exactly the way you used to be, tormented by negative emotions. You can begin helping them — first one, then two, then three and finally all sentient beings.

~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Our Mission:

Pundarika Foundation’s primary mission is to support the teaching activities and humanitarian work of Tsoknyi Rinpoche by:

  • Keeping alive the wisdom of the Dharma
  • Sustaining practitioners who preserve the teachings of the Buddha as a vital tradition
  • Helping people experience inner peace, to better face the challenges of modern life with compassion and sanity

The Foundation works hand in hand with the Tsoknyi Nuns (www.tsoknyinuns.org) to help ensure their continuing education and general support, health and well-being, and Dharma education and training.


2024 Pundarika Foundation goals:

  • Continue to financially support the Tsoknyi Nuns Endowment Fund
  • Complete merger with the Tsoknyi Humanitarian Foundation
  • Continue to create practice materials as directed by Rinpoche
  • Complete the Tsa Tsa House (reliquary) on the Yeshe Rangsal Land
  • Complete refinishing gold inlay on the Stupa of Enlightenment
  • Roll out the Fully Being course to a larger audience
  • Organize U.S. Pundarika retreats (online and in-person)
  • Create a Bardo “package” for Rinpoche’s students
  • Stream open and advanced retreats; including Counsel of Elders
  • Help sponsor the translation of the Tsoknyi Lineage (first time in English)
  • Continue to support the Tsoknyi Nuns Endowment

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