Video and Audio

Water Blessings

From a beautiful film by DeAnne Elliott, Rinpoche gives water blessings at Cottonwood Creek, Crestone, Colorado, in 2011. May gentle rain come forward ending this season of drought. Thanks to Doug Beechwood for filming this exceptional moment.

On Fundamental Happiness

This is a meditation and talk given in the Fall of 2017 at the First Presbyterian Church in Salida, CO. Mark Elliott of Crestone Films has been kind enough to provide us with this wonderful piece.

Happy Losar 2017!

Happy Losar 2017:  Year of the Firebird! Please enjoy Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s video wishes to you for this coming year.

Living Wisely: Working with Emotions

In the “Living Wisely/Working with Emotions” section below on the web site, Tsoknyi Rinpoche describes the subtle body’s mistaken identification of believing that something is “real,” yet we are called to recognize that which is true in Buddhist practice. Please click here to view:

From Mount Madonna 2015: Rinpoche on Essence Love

This open retreat at Mount Madonna (near Watsonville, CA) included teachings on the healthy human being leading up to Dzogchen practice. Rinpoche noted that handshake practice is quite advanced and necessary for most of us to allow essence love to develop naturally. Essence love, as the home of the subtle body, then makes shamata and …

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