Mantras for Peace: Chants of the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns

Recorded in April of 2022 at Tsoknyi Gechak Ling  by the Tsoknyi Nepal Nuns


I. Audio Playlist

#1 ཏཱ་ར། Tara mantra

#2 བཛྲ་ཀཱི་ལི། Kilaya mantra 1

#3 བཛྲ་ཀཱི་ལི། Kilaya mantra 2

#4 བཛྲ་གུ་རུ། Guru mantra

#5 མ་ཎི། Mane mantra


II. Audio Download

Click here to download all of the audio recordings in one file (12 MB)



  • “Right click” on the links to direct them to download to your computer. When you begin to initiate a download, your web browser should give you the option of where you will save the file. Remember this location by writing it down because it is sometimes difficult to find after the fact. These files are compressed .zip folders containing MP3 files.
  • Once the .zip has downloaded to your computer, “double click” the .zip to trigger it to expand into a folder containing the MP3 files.
  • When you have expanded the .zip files into folders containing MP3 files, you may discard-trash-recycle the .zip files to free up space on your Hard Drive. The MP3 files can then be imported into iTunes, (etc.) for playback. iTunes also allows you to burn CD’s of the recordings from an MP3 file.
  • If you choose to burn CD’s from iTunes, be aware that an Audio CD will only contain up to 80 minutes of audio. If your CD player or car CD player supports MP3 CD’s, then you can burn as an MP3 CD and fit most of the recordings on one MP3 CD.
  • If you have problems, please email Doug Beechwood at
  • Please use Google Chrome to download these files. Safari may give you timeout errors for downloading.

After going through these steps and if you need additional help with downloading or playback of these files, please email Doug Beechwood at:


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