Guided Meditations



1) YouTube Guided Meditations Video Playlist:


2) Audio Guided Meditations Playlist:


#1: GM on Letting Go from Martha’s Vineyard Open 2012


#2: “Finding the Body” from Crestone Open 2016


#3: “Drop your backpack” from Crestone Open 2015


#4:”Dropping Practice” from Crestone Open 2015


#5:”Open to Feelings” from Crestone Open 2016


#6:”Guided Meditation” from Mount Madonna Open 2015


#7:”Let it Go” from Festival of Faiths 2018


#8:”Union of Calm and Clear” from Festival of Faiths 2018




3) Audio Guided Meditations Playlist download:

Click here to download all of the MP3 audio recordings in one zip file (111 MB)