Crestone In-Person Retreat Application Information

Can you explain the system for Crestone In-person retreat registrations?

Due to demand for spaces in the Crestone in-person retreats, Pundarika is implementing a registration system that involves an initial application, followed by a selection process that is intended to fairly allocate spaces to all who wish to attend. The application has a two-fold purpose: (1) to collect information about who our retreat audience is, and (2) to assist in the acceptance of applicants into the retreats.

How are you accepting people into the Crestone in-person retreats?

Registration for the Crestone in-person retreats will require an initial application, followed by a selection process that is intended to fairly allocate spaces to different constituencies. Acceptance will be based on a model of random selection.

When is the application period and registration period?

The application period for the in-person Crestone retreats will be Feb 1 – 15 of the year the retreat is given; note that late applications will not be accepted. Applications will be reviewed in late February, and applicants will be notified by March 7 about acceptance.

Where do I find the links to the application?

Each retreat has it own application form. Links to the application forms will be on the program pages for each retreat from February 1 to 15.
US Retreat Program Pages

If accepted into the retreat, how will I register?

Individuals who are accepted into the retreat will receive a link to register, and must make a payment of at least 50% of the retreat cost, unless they are applying for a scholarship (see below). Registration and payment must be received within two weeks of acceptance or their spot will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

Scholarship Information

Pundarika offers a limited number of partial and full scholarships for this retreat. Persons needing financial assistance are required to complete the retreat application form between February 1 – 15. See above. If accepted into the retreat, we will notify you of your scholarship award by March 7

Can I attend both retreats?

We understand that many people wish to attend both retreats. However currently, the registration processes for the two in-person retreats are independent of one another, and so acceptance to one retreat does not influence acceptance to the other retreat. To be considered for both retreats, you must apply separately to each retreat. We are exploring ways to address the concerns of individuals who would prefer to only attend both retreats.

For Monastics

Monastics will need to complete the application process to be considered for the retreat.

Member benefits and status

Due to the large number of students applying for Rinpoche’s in-person retreats in the U.S., we can no longer give preferential treatment to students in the Membership Program. 

If I am accepted into a retreat but cannot attend or decide not to attend, can I defer my acceptance or be given priority for acceptance the next year?

Unfortunately, we do not track acceptance from one year to the next, and acceptance status from one year does not transfer to the next year.

Will you consider extenuating circumstances in your decision to accept a person into the retreat?

We will provide an opportunity on the application form to express any extenuating circumstances and we will consider these at our discretion.

Are food and lodging provided?

Pundarika does not provide food or lodging for in-person retreats. Retreatants must book their lodging from the surrounding area. In the event you are not selected for the retreat, please review cancellation policies for any bookings you may have reserved.

Application questions and data handling

The information collected on the application will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone.

Further Questions?

Contact the Pundarika registrar with any questions, at

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