NOTE: Beginning March 1, 2022 through August, 2022, we will be constructing a new retreat hall where the large tent normally goes. Construction workers will be on site daily and the sounds of construction will be in the air. No workers will go near the cabins and we will keep noise as low as possible. If this will be a hindrance to your retreat, please select a different time to be in retreat.


General Information


  • You must be a student of Tsoknyi Rinpoche or other qualified Dzogchen/Vajrayana masters and have received pointing out instructions from them.
  • Have maintained a daily meditation practice for at least one continuous year prior to the retreat for which you are applying.
  • Willingness to abide by the Five Precepts during the retreat:
    • I take as a training precept to refrain from taking life.
    • I take as a training precept to refrain from taking that which is not freely given.
    • I take as a training precept to refrain from sexual misconduct
    • I take as a training precept to refrain from unwise/unskillful speech.
    • I take as a training precept to refrain from intoxication that clouds the mind.

Rinpoche has taught that retreat time is very precious and an opportunity to deepen our awareness. He recommends four meditation sessions a day of at least two hours, to practice ngondro, yidam, mindfulness, mind-training, Dzogchen and Mahamudra. The two-hour sessions do not include reading or writing, doing yoga, hiking, chi-gong or other activities. Retreats are in silence and not a time for social activities.

You can be flexible with the eight hours and may do an early morning three-hour session and then a lesser amount for a later session, or vice versa. But you are asked to commit to eight hours of practice per day. Rinpoche has said our needed breaks (e.g., bathroom) during practice sessions should “never let our cushions cool off” (with the exception of prostrations, of course.)

Our first retreat cabin, the Dharmakaya Cabin, was named and blessed by Rinpoche in 2017. The second cabin was named Yeshe  for “wisdom” and the third was named Nying-je for “compassion.”  All are ready for use. The retreat cabins are located on the Yeshe Rangsal retreat land along a ridge that has expansive views of the San Luis Valley, Mount Blanca and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Below is a slideshow of the retreat cabins and surrounding Crestone area so you can experience what it might be like to be on retreat:

Each cabin is approximately 400 square feet and has a small kitchen, deck, sitting area, altar, bathroom with shower, a fireplace and electric heat.

All three cabins have hard drives that include the last five years of retreats by Rinpoche and guided meditations. Please use these if you wish to. On the technical side, the hard drives work with both PC and Mac computers, but the PC only delivers audio, not video. Other types of devices such as Ipads do not work with these hard drives. There is no WiFi in the cabins.

The Retreat Support Building is a short walk from the cabins and has a washer and dryer, large shower and an additional refrigerator for food storage.

In 2017 Tsoknyi Rinpoche blessed this house located on the same cul-de-sac as Rinpoche’s Crestone residence and gave it the name Lama House. It is within close walking distance to the Yeshe Rangsal retreat land, Stupa and the Dorje Yudronma shrine. Here is a short slideshow to give you a feeling for the Lama House interior and exterior:

Lama House has two bedrooms (each with an altar), a large kitchen, living room with fireplace, laundry closet, one full bathroom and one half-bath. The house is solar-heated. The views of the mountains and valley are more limited than at the cabins. You can drive and park close to the house, unlike the cabins, and there are no stairs to contend with except for flagstone steps from the driveway to the door. There is a deck and plenty of land to find a comfortable spot outside for those who like to practice with a view of the mountains and San Luis Valley. Lama House is available for two retreatants who wish to do retreat together (e.g., a couple) or a single person who wishes to do retreat in the house by themselves.

The Lama House has hard drives that include the last five years of retreats by Rinpoche and guided meditations. Please use these if you wish. On the technical side, the hard drives work with both PC and Mac computers, but the PC only delivers audio, not video. Other types of devices such as Ipads do not work with these hard drives.  There is no WiFi at the Lama House.
Duration Retreat Cabin Lama House Single Occupancy Lama House Double Occupancy
Added Cleaning Fee**
12 Weeks
11 Weeks
10 Weeks
9 Weeks
8 Weeks
7 Weeks
6 Weeks
5 Weeks
4 Weeks
3 Weeks
2 Weeks
1 Week

** Please bring a check for the cleaning fee. The registrar will be in touch with you about the name of the payee. Cabin fee: $65. Lama House fee single occupancy: $110. Double occupancy $135. 

  • $125 for cancellations 1 month or more before the retreat start date
  • No refund for cancellations within 1 month of the retreat date

Also, because of unforeseen events, Pundarika reserves the right to cancel reservations, in which case a full refund will be given.

The Lama House has easy access, is more comfortable and spacious inside than the retreat cabins and has a large kitchen and bathtub. Because there is only one full bath, the shower/tub is shared.

The cabins are much smaller than the Lama House (about 400 square feet), designed for one person and simple. They are more isolated, but near the Yudronma Shrine and Stupa, and offer a large sky gazing window. Staying in one of the cabins can involve walking on sandy and hilly terrain, so this could be challenging if you have certain kinds of disabilities.

Retreats can be for a minimum of one week and a maximum of 12 weeks. Retreats begin on a Saturday after 3 pm and end on a Saturday before 11 am. During the annual August teachings in Crestone, neither the Lama House nor the cabins are available. They will be used for the Retreat and Land Managers during that time. Applications will be accepted for personal retreats scheduled up to one year in advance.

Crestone has four distinct seasons, all beautiful in different ways. In fall and spring you can experience many seasons in one day — sunny skies, intense rain, and hail or snow. Spring tends to be more windy, sometimes fiercely so. From mid-June through early August there is usually a heavy concentration of mosquitoes, making sitting and walking outside uncomfortable.

In the spring of each year (typically May and June), there is some light gardening at the three cabins and Lama House. The gardener will be quiet (no power tools) and respectful of the retreat atmosphere, but each retreatant will have to choose if this is OK for the type of retreat they are doing. The estimated time each month of work on the gardens will be approximately 10 hours a month from 8 am to 10 am.


The winters are cold and clear. Summers are comfortably warm, but you can expect sudden and powerful lightning and thunderstorms. To get a better sense of the historical weather patterns go to: http://www.keno.org/vws/

Please check the availability of the Pundarika Retreat Cabins and the Lama House on the calendar below. The minimum length of retreat is one week and the maximum length is currently 12 weeks. Check-in for retreats is on Saturday after 3 pm and checkout is on a subsequent Saturday before 11 am. See Personal Retreat FAQs for more information.

Note:  Personal retreats in the Retreat Cabins and Lama House are available now. To apply for retreat, please click Application for Personal Retreat.

Application Process

Please click here to access the online application materials. In the Application, you will be asked to affirm that you have read the FAQs (this section) and that you have read, agree to, and signed the Personal Retreat Agreement and Waiver and Release documents.

Once your application is received, you will be notified by email that we have received it. Two students appointed by Rinpoche will review the application. Once reviewed, we will send you an email as to whether or not the application is approved so you can plan accordingly. If approved, we will include a payment link for the deposit and fees.

Preparation for Retreat

  • Create a preparation checklist for yourself in advance, including time for the transition going into retreat and out. Because you will be in a remote and somewhat isolated area, it is important to have everything you need before beginning the retreat. Let those close to you know you will be out of touch and how to contact you in an emergency.
  • It is important for you to have an operating cell phone while in retreat in case of emergencies or to contact our staff.  There is no landline on the retreat land.
  • Please confirm with your cell phone server before you arrive that your cell phone will have coverage in Crestone. If your cell phone won’t have service here, we recommend that you purchase a trac phone from a convenience store for your stay.
  • Emergency messages can be delivered for you through Wayne Hallstrom (our onsite Retreat Caretaker) at 719-221-9871. Wayne will also be available by cell phone throughout your retreat if problems arise.
  • Please bring a check for the cleaning fee. The registrar will be in touch with you about the name of the payee. Cabin fee: $65. Lama House fee single occupancy: $110. Double occupancy $135. 

For directions to Crestone, see: https://tsoknyirinpoche.org/retreats/getting-to-and-from-crestone-co/ and click here for a detail of the locations of the Retreat Cabins and the Lama House locations. Find your way to Moffat on Route 17. From Moffat, drive south and turn left onto County Road “T” toward Crestone (if coming from the south, turn right just before Moffat). Drive about 14 miles toward Crestone and on your right will be a large sign for the Camino Baca Grande, just before you get to the actual town (an Information Kiosk is near this turn).

  • Retreat Cabins (1181 East Badger Road, Crestone): Take Camino Baca Grande for about 2 miles and turn left and go up Hilltop Way for about one-third of a mile. Turn left onto Chapparal Way for about 300 yards, and where the road turns right onto East Badger Road, drive straight ahead through the large Tori Gate with the sign “Yeshe Rangsal.” The Support Building is on your left at the end of the driveway.
  • Lama House (958 Meditation Overlook off Ridgeview Way, Crestone): Take Camino Baca Grande for just over a mile and turn left up Panorama Way for about 0.6 miles. Turn right onto Peaceful Way, take your first left onto Ridgeview Way, and take your first right onto Meditation Overlook. Lama House is straight ahead.
Where Do I Park? For the time being, long-term parking for the cabins will be in the parking spaces near the seasonal tent. The Retreat Caretaker will show you where this is and will be available to help carry your belongings to your cabin. At Lama House you can park in the spaces off the driveway. If you are in retreat during the winter, please bring a windshield scraper for snow and de-icing spray, and make sure your tires meet ice and snow requirements. If you need to unplug your car battery for longer stays, please see what is required for your vehicle. Should we have significant snowfall, we will have the driveways plowed. No public transportation is available in Crestone.

Check-in time is on a Saturday after 3 pm and check-out time is also on a Saturday, before 11 am.  Susan, our Registrar, will contact you before your retreat begins to confirm your arrival and departure times.

Check-in: Our onsite Retreat Caretaker, Wayne, will greet you at either Lama House or at the Yeshe Rangsal Retreat Land upon your arrival for orientation. See “How Do I Get to the Retreat Cabins and Lama House?” below for directions.

You can track the local weather at: http://www.keno.org/vws/ and Colorado road conditions at http://www.cotrip.org/map.htm#/roadConditions.

Due to Crestone’s high altitude at 8100 feet it is very important to maintain adequate hydration. There are deer, coyotes, elk, foxes, bears, mice, mountain lions and other animals living around Crestone, so please do not leave food outside the cabins, Lama House or in your car. Here is some advice on being with bears: https://www.nps.gov/subjects/bears/safety.htm and with mountain lions: www.mountainlion.org/portalprotectencounters.asp. Finally, please be aware that there is a high risk for fires in Colorado. To be safe, please do not have outdoor fires, including smoking and use of candles and incense. Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes from your place of lodging. Evacuation procedures can be found in each cabin and in Lama House.

There will be a hard-drive in each bedroom of the Lama House and the cabins with the Advanced Membership teachings on them. These hard drives include the last five years of retreats by Rinpoche and guided meditations. Please use these if you wish. On the technical side, the hard drives work with both PC and Mac computers, but the PC only delivers audio, not video. Other types of devices such as Ipads do not work with these hard drives. WiFi is not available at the Lama House or the Cabins.


Please text Wayne Hallstrom at: 719-221-9871.

Here is a list of the things already in each Cabin and Lama House:

A twin bed with comforter, sheets and pillows, a large zafu (8” buckwheat fill) and zabuton, chair, altar, camp lantern, kitchenware, pots and pans, fireplace and firewood, double hotplate, toaster oven, small refrigerator, blender, first aid kit, cleaning supplies, soaps (laundry, hand, shower and dish), water, ax, matches and basic condiments.

The altar in the retreat cabins and Lama House will have a Buddha statue, Pundarika chant book, offering bowls, incense, tea candles, a picture of Rinpoche, the lineage tree and Dorje Yudronma.

Here are some suggested items to bring for the cabins:

  • Medications (Please be sure to bring an ample supply of your medications. The nearest pharmacy is in Alamosa, which is approximately an hour away.)
  • Water bottle with a secure-fitting lid
  • Layered clothing (We can have many “seasons” in one day.)
  • Sturdy shoes and slippers (Closed-toed shoes due to cactus)
  • Extra blankets and/or sleeping bag
  • Rain/snow gear
  • Practice materials
  • Flashlight/headlamp and extra batteries
  • Backpack/Daypack
  • Camera
  • Cash or credit card for groceries
  • Toiletries including lip balm and lotion for the very dry air
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (even in winter)
  • Mosquito repellent/bite relief cream, non-scented (but only for June through August)
  • Shawl or light blanket for early morning/late evening sitting
Please do not bring pets, candles, or incense. Also, there is no visiting by friends or relatives during the retreat.

Karma yoga is a daily aspect of every retreatant’s schedule. Keeping the cabin, common spaces or the Lama House clean is an essential part of doing your retreat. Cleaning products will be provided for you to keep your retreat space clean during your stay.

Laundry can be done at the Retreat Support Building. Lama House has its own washing machine and dryer.

We have two grocery stores in Crestone, one of which is a health food store. If your retreat is lengthy, you can contact Wayne Hallstrom at 719-221-9871 to purchase and deliver food and other supplies that you may need.

If staying in the cabins, please store garbage and recycling in separate bags in the Men’s Bathroom in the Retreat Support building. The Retreat Caretaker will show you where the key is.

If staying in Lama House, please put garbage and recycling in the storage shed (keys to the shed will be in the house).