General Release and Waiver

General Release and Waiver

I am aware that Retreat affords an opportunity to deepen my meditation practice and Buddhist studies, but I may also face physical, emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual challenges. It is my sole responsibility to determine my fitness for Retreat and whether it is appropriate for me. If I have questions or concerns about any physical or mental health issues that might affect my ability to engage in Retreat, I will consult with my physician, psychologist or other health care professional before completing this agreement. This is especially important in our times with the unpredictability of COVID.

I represent to Pundarika Foundation that I have a current medical insurance policy with coverage limits that are sufficient for any health emergency that might arise during or as a consequence of this retreat. I agree that I am solely financially responsible for any and all emergency response interventions.

I hereby fully waive and release the Pundarika Foundation from any and all claims for property damage, personal injury, illness, or death that may result from any activities or conditions while in Retreat. Those activities and conditions may include, but are not limited to: extended periods of sitting meditation; physical isolation; walking and hiking in sandy and hilly terrain in intense sun, strong winds, wet or icy conditions; encountering wildlife that may include deer, coyotes, elk, fox, bears, mice, or mountain lions; mosquitos and other biting insects. I acknowledge and understand that there may be dangers and risks associated with the activities described above, which are understood by me.

I fully assume the dangers and risks, and agree to use my best judgment while engaging in those activities. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Pundarika Foundation, its employees, agents, officers, from and against any and all liability incurred as a result of or in any manner related to my participation in Retreat activities.

Covid Addendum

Regarding COVID-19 and Coronavirus (Hereafter referred to collectively as CV) or other infectious diseases, I realize and understand that the situation with CV is changing, and that I will do my best to adhere to the conditions and protocols set by Pundarika Foundation during my time in Crestone, knowing they may not be sufficient, and that I may catch, be infected by, or transmit, CV while traveling to Crestone, participating, or traveling home, and I understand and accept that risk solely as my own. I further agree that Pundarika Foundation and Participants are not responsible for my health or safety regarding CV, or capable of fully protecting me from CV, and that any medical or other costs and health or other repercussions resulting from my participation are fully my responsibility. I further agree to do my best to protect myself and others by adhering to the conditions and protocols Pundarika Foundation requires during my activity there.

Media Release

The teachings of Tsoknyi Rinpoche will be recorded.

The Pundarika Foundation may:

(a)        Use, reproduce, exhibit, distribute, broadcast, digitize or edit my contribution to the Retreat or make derivative works thereof by any method and in any media, whether now existing or later created (including by digital or interactive media transmission);

(b)       Record my contribution or participation in the Retreat in photographs or on videotape or audiotape and make transcripts based on the recording of the Retreat for any of the purposes set forth above; and

(c)        Use my name, likeness, and voice in connection with any use of such photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, transcripts and materials, including uses in connection with the Retreat.

I acknowledge that I will not be compensated for my participation in the Retreat or for any uses made of the Retreat or for any recordings or publications of the Retreat.

I understand that the Pundarika Foundation owns all rights in the Retreat including the copyright

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