Shrine to Land Protectress

I am always present before all yogis who keep their samaya and gain realization.              ~ Attributed to Dorje Yudronma by Longchenpa

             Dorje Yudronma

TSNR -- Dorje Yudronma


These two photos below show Dorje Yudronma when initially installed in 2010. 

Dorje Yudronma and Her Dream Appearance to Tsoknyi Rinpoche

(As told by Tsoknyi Rinpoche at the 2010 Month-long Retreat, Crestone, CO)

“When I was in Tashi Jong, at around the age of 20, I did a three-month retreat under the guidance of Tokden Amtrin. One night I had a very clear dream—I was walking toward a hillside, following a lady who appeared to be in her mid-30s, wearing traditional Tibetan dress. It seemed like there was a connection between us, like she had something to say to me or give to me. Yet if I walked faster to catch up to her, she walked faster; if I slowed down, she slowed her pace as well. This kept on for some time. At some point, we came to a slight bend in the road up a hill, where she stopped, and from the pocket of her dress pulled out a brilliant turquoise mirror. She laid it on the ground underneath a pile of dust and leaves, and pointed to it, indicating that the mirror was for me, and I should pick it up. Then she walked quickly on ahead, glancing back from time to time. I reached the spot where she’d left the mirror, and just as I was bending to pick it up, I suddenly woke up with a feeling of great warmth and joy.

“When I told Tokden Amtrin about this dream, without any hesitation he replied, ‘Oh, that was Dorje Yudronma.’

“I forgot about this dream for many years until we began to develop the Yeshe Rangsal Retreat Land in Crestone, and I realized that for the sake of that project, as well as for the spiritual development of all my students around the world, a protector was needed. That’s when I remembered Dorje Yudronma. I did a little bit of research on her and found that she has a very strong connection to the Dzogchen teachings in general and with the family lineage of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. In fact, the mountain behind Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s family home in Tibet is known as Dorje Yudronma’s mountain.”

Dorje Yudronma rupa in process

Dharma lineages in Tibet often have specific Dharma protectors associated with them. Dorje Yudronma is a wisdom deity that manifests out of her compassion in the form of a protectress. Tsoknyi Rinpoche has a special connection with her and asked her to reside on Yeshe Rangsal and help his students clear obstacles and progress on the path. There is a beautiful site on the land to honor her, close to the stupa. A meandering path from the Stupa leads to the Shrine, which initially began as a photo of the protectress with a brief supplication prayer and an offering bowl. Now, thanks to many donors, a permanent shrine to Dorje Yudronma has been completed and consecrated, a place where students, retreatants and the public can come to make prayers, offerings, and practice.

Here is a photo of the nearly completed Shrine in September 2008. The site now has a footpath for circumambulating and native landscaping.



Summer 2008: A Pictorial Documentary of the Shrine Blessing

During the Crestone 2008 August retreats, Rinpoche performed a moving blessing ceremony and dedication for the Dorje Yudronma shrine. Participants walked a short path on pilgrimage from the teaching tent to the location of the future shrine, where they offered flowers and prayers.

Prayer to Protectress Dorje Yudronma

yèshè ka-tak trö dang trelwa lè
rigpa ösel dorje yudrönma
rik tsel gak-mè khor-ki tsok dang chè
sol lô chö dô dö tön yi-shin drup

In primordial purity and wisdom free from elaborations
Is the luminous awareness Dorje Yudronma.
Accompanied by her retinue, the unceasing expression of awareness,
We supplicate and make offerings. Accomplish our desires as wished!



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