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Hi, welcome to the Pundarika Membership Library. If you are not a member, you may view the contents of the library, but you will not be able to access the teachings. Click here to join or learn more about membership. If you are a member, please please login here

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To search the library, please select the library category of your membership level (All Libraries > Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced).

Membership Libraries

The membership libraries contain all of the teachings available at a given membership level.

Introductory Membership Library
Intermediate Membership Library

Intermediate Membership Library

NOTE: The Intermediate Membership Recordings are currently accessible to Advanced Membership only. Soon, we will open these recordings to an Intermediate Membership level (more info forthcoming).

Advanced Membership Library


NOTE: Please be patient for the library to load all of the teachings.

Each section below shows only the teachings available at that level.

Introductory Teachings
Intermediate Teachings
Advanced Teachings

Advanced Teachings

These teachings are available to those at the Advanced Membership level.


Introductory Meditations
Advanced Meditations



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