Frequently Asked Questions

The duty of thoughts and emotions is to arise and to pass away. Our duty is to not grasp or cling, to just let them be.  ~  Tsoknyi Rinpoche

How do I Register for a Pundarika Foundation Retreat?

Registration and payment information for Pundarika Foundation sponsored retreats is available in the Programs section of the web site. Retreat fees must be paid by credit card (MasterCard and Visa are accepted). Payments are processed through our website by Paypal. Payment of retreat fees can be made in two ways. You can pay in full OR pay a deposit of half the fee amount with a final payment due 30 days before the retreat begins. All  registrations (excluding scholarship applicants) incur a non-refundable fee.  IF THERE IS A CANCELLATION, please see the retreat cancellation policy below.

Registration for international and privately sponsored retreats (that are not Pundarika U.S.) can be accomplished by contacting the designated registrar for that retreat to get registration and payment details. These contacts are listed in the Programs section on our web site.

What is the Cost for a Retreat?

Costs for retreats may vary slightly depending upon the venue. Please check the specific retreat site page for exact fees.

How does my Membership Program work for Retreats?

If students are enrolled in the Membership Program, they are guaranteed a space in a Pundarika Foundation sponsored U.S. retreat only if they register within one month after registration for that retreat has opened. You will need to know your Membership Program discount code when you register.

What happens if I need to Cancel my Registration?

Retreat Cancellation Policy


  • The purpose of our cancellation policy is to acknowledge that retreatants’ future plans can change unexpectedly and at the same time protect Pundarika Foundation from costs it incurs due to commitments to various vendors and payment for support staff time.


  • Full payment of all retreat fees is due 30 days before the first day that a retreat begins.
  • If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the first day that a retreat begins, you will receive a refund less a $65.00 cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel between 15 and 29 days prior to the program start date, you will receive a refund less a $125.00 cancellation fee.
  • No refunds will be given two weeks before the retreat begins.
  • Certain programs have unique cancellation policies that supersede our general policy, and they are described on the program registration page on our web site for that particular retreat or program (normally these are non-Crestone retreats where host facilities have their own cancellation policies).


Cancellations must be requested by contacting the Registrar by e-mail ([email protected])

Refunds through PayPal will be credited to the same credit card with which your retreat fees were paid. Once the cancellation period is over, refunds are not possible and forfeited funds are considered “fee-for-service” payments (according to IRS) and are not considered eligible for tax-exempt status. In other words, they cannot be considered donations.

Does Pundarika Foundation Offer Scholarships for Retreats?

Scholarship assistance is available for people with serious financial limitations who would otherwise be precluded from attending retreats. (Please read the Scholarship Policy for criteria.) Scholarships apply only to the tuition portion of the retreat. Lodging and meals must be paid for by the participant.

What kinds of Food and Lodging Options can I expect?

These options are described when registration opens for each retreat in the Programs section of the Tsoknyi Rinpoche website.

Can I Bring my Children to Retreats?

Given the practice intensive nature of these retreats (silence for six days or seven days, extensive daily sitting meditation practice requirements and attending all teaching sessions, which can be 3 to 4 hours or more each day), children are not allowed at these retreats. If a young person is 16 or over and can fully commit to the requirements as noted above, they can attend as a registered retreatant.

Crestone Retreats

Please visit Getting to and From Crestone, CO for more information on directions and transportation.  Participants in Crestone retreats will need to find their own housing. Click here for a list of housing choices.

The parking lot for the Yeshe Rangsal retreat land is at the Stupa of Enlightenment located in Chalet 1, off Camino Baca Grande to the east, between Rendezvous and Hilltop.

For a Crestone retreat map showing the location of the stupa and the tent site, please click here. To locate Crestone via Google maps, please click here.

What Happens if a Retreat is Full?

When the retreat registration list is full, you can be placed on a waiting list. Please email the registrar with your request to be added to the waiting list. Entry into the retreat from the waiting list is prioritized on a first come/first served basis. If a place in the retreat becomes available for you, you will be contacted by the Registrar, who will specify the period of time in which payment must be made.

What if I do Not have my Own Transportation?

You can easily find or offer a ride to or from Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s Pundarika retreats and programs through our web site. We invite you to share resources, get to know other dharma students traveling to our retreats and help the environment. View the Rideshare board now to make a connection. And if Crestone, Colorado is your retreat destination, please visit Getting To and From Crestone, CO for more information on directions and transportation. Please note:  Crestone does not have local public transportation.