Yeshe Rangsal

Yeshe Rangsal Retreat Support Building

GOOD NEWS! Here is a work-in-progress photo of our retreat support building under construction on the Yeshe Rangsal Crestone retreat land (very near the tent site). The crew, under Gary Simonson’s direction, has been working day and night to complete the building for use during this August’s Crestone retreats. In addition to mens’ and womens’ …

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Crestone 2012 Losar

“With this inexhaustible and great Samantabhadra offering cloud, Completely filling the realm of the sky, Unfailing Three Precious Jewels whom we rely upon as refuge until enlightenment, Accept this cleansing offering.” Local practitioners observe Losar on February 22, 2012, at Jangchub Chorten, the Stupa of Enlightenment located in Crestone, Colorado. Greg and Gisela Rabold make …

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Losar 2011 in Crestone

The first ever Losar smoke offering was celebrated this year at Jangchub Chorten (Stupa of Enlightenment) in Crestone, Colorado. Several students of Tsoknyi Rinpoche gathered at the Yeshe Rangsal Retreat land to welcome in the New Year of the Iron Rabbit on behalf of Rinpoche, Pundarika Foundation, and all of Yeshe Rangsal.

Dorje Yudronma Installed!

At the 2010 monthlong retreat on the “Three Words That Strike the Vital Point” by Garab Dorje in Crestone, Colorado, Tsoknyi Rinpoche had the entire group of approximately 95 retreatants join him in prayers to Dorje Yudronma every day. He also spoke about his personal connection to her through an important dream and his subsequent …

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Dorje Yudronma Shrine

The Dorje Yudronma Shrine nears completion. This photo was taken at the beginning of July 2009. The Rupa was shipped, and we are hoping it arrives in time for the summer retreat season in August and September 2009.

Dorje Yudronma

(Watercolor by Choegyal Rinpoche) Dorje Yudronma Rupa in 2008  Prior to Completion Tsoknyi Rinpoche commissioned a statue of Dorje Yudronma to be made by highly skilled artists in Nepal in 2008.   Here is a story behind the making of this statue, written by Brady Hogan in Kathmandu: