• $400.00 – Program Price

Date & Time Details: August 28 - September 3, 2024

Location: Yeshe Rangsal Teaching Tent

Address: Crestone, CO

Contact: registrar@pundarika.org

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In-person Crestone Advanced Practice Retreat

With Tsoknyi Rinpoche

August 28 - September 3, 2024

Due to scheduling changes for Rinpoche and his commitments, the Crestone in-person retreats will now be August 20-26 and August 28-September 3.

TEACHINGS: Tsoknyi Rinpoche



The prerequisite is having received pointing out instructions from a qualified Vajrayana or Dzogchen master. If you have not been to an open retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, you will be asked to watch an open retreat teaching online to familiarize yourself with his way of teaching and use of language. The Registrar will provide a link once you register.

Please contact the Registrar if you are uncertain that you meet this prerequisite. registrar@pundarika.org


A new registration process will be implemented for the Crestone in-person retreats. The process will consist of two steps: an online application followed by a review of applications and selection based on criteria we are currently developing. We are implementing this new system because of the increased interest in Rinpoche’s in-person Crestone retreats.

The application process will open on February 1 and close on the February 15th. We will let you know no later than March 1 if you have a seat in the retreat.

Pundarika Foundation Members in good standing by November 1st of the year preceding Crestone in-person retreats will be given preferential consideration for retreat attendance, but cannot be guaranteed a space as in the past.

Please do not book lodging until your retreat registration is confirmed. If you make travel reservations before you are officially registered and the retreat is canceled or dates change unexpectedly, Pundarika cannot take any responsibility for any charges you may incur.


Onsite check-in will be from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. MDT on August 28th  at the Yeshe Rangsal tent site.

Orientation begins in the Yeshe Rangsal tent at 4:30 p.m. followed by the first teaching by Tsoknyi Rinpoche at 5:15 p.m.

There will be one 2-hour teaching, a recap of the teachings, and four meditation sessions daily. Each retreatant will be able to attend one small group audience with Rinpoche to ask practice-related questions.

The last teaching is on September 3.


Pundraika offers a limited number of partial and full scholarships for this retreat. The application period ends on February 15, 2024. For more information and the application form please go to the scholarship information page.

For more information about Crestone retreats, please visit Crestone Retreat Information and Participant Information on our website.

Crestone Retreat Information

Participant Information

The Membership Program Library has many full retreats and guided meditations.

Rinpoche also offers an in-depth and practical online course on how to develop a grounded body, open heart, and clear mind: Fully Being,  www.fullybeing.org.

Should you have any questions about this retreat, please contact the Registrar, Susan, at: registrar@pundarika.org.


Tsoknyi Rinpoche
For over 30 years Tsoknyi Rinpoche has been teaching students worldwide about the innermost nature of mind in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Born into a family respected for its spiritual…
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